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Medomand- Pharmacy at Your Fingertips

We are an online pharmacy offering you same-day prescription delivery and extra care.

Medomand is revolutionizing the way medicines are bought, sold, and delivered. We leverage technology to the best use to deliver medicines to your home. By connecting pharmacies, patients, and providers with intelligent recommendations, simple medication insights, and convenient home delivery of medicines, we aim to automate and improve patient outcomes.

How we´ll work?

Medicines at Your Doorstep from Your Local Pharmacies In Just 30 to 60 Minutes

Medomand offers fast online access to medicines with convenient home delivery in 30 to 60 minutes. We make various prescription medicines, including other health products, available at your doorstep across the country through online delivery. 

Enjoy the convenience and fastest online medicine delivery right to your door with Medomand.
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Not Just Pizza, now Medicines Delivered to Your Doorstep in 30 Minutes!

Lack of parking, heavy traffic, closed shop, rains, forgetfulness- these reasons could lead to skipping important medications. However, since taking medicines is a crucial component of managing chronic conditions, you should not run out of essential medicines. 

Just log in to the Medomand app or website, select your medicines, and have them delivered to you without leaving your comfort place in just 30 minutes to 60 minutes. 

Besides providing a same-day prescription delivery service, you get access to reliable medication information. You can know all about your medicines at Medomand. Furthermore, once you are registered at Medomand, you will get regular refill reminders, so you can never get short of medicines. 

Need medicines delivered? Login Medomand and get the delivery of medicine at home.

Process of Our Co-operation

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Contact us

Write to us using the contact form, and our team will get in touch with you as early as they can


Arrange appointment

Schedule an appointment to receive all the details and necessary information about our services. We are happy to discuss our services with you and explain how you can use them when you collaborate your pharmacy with us.


The Cooperation Can Begin

It’s all done! Just sit and relax while you get new customers with our on-demand pharmaceutical delivery service. You will observe a huge increase in sales in months only. Besides, you will see how your brand expands, and you get more customers. The larger pharmacies will no longer be able to compete with you.

Have we piqued your interest? 

We are broader and more sustainable than our competitors in the field of same-day prescription delivery service in each and every aspect across the world. Stand out among your competitors and get ahead of them with Medomand.

Let’s Change the World of Pharmacy Together

If you are interested in associating with us, send us your information!

We will be in touch soon to answer your queries and discuss collaboration opportunities.


Save Yourself a Trip to Pharmacy with Medomand

Do you take medicines every day for asthma, diabetes, or other conditions? Unfortunately, you can run short of essential medicines anytime and have to run to the drug store to refill your prescription.

No more rushing to the pharmacy on short notice! Instead, WE BRING PHARMACY TO YOU!

Medomand is a same-day prescription delivery service that is the fast and convenient way to get the medicines you needed at the place you want. Just like you order your food online, you can now order your medicines online and get them to deliver anywhere you want. 

Reduce your daily stress and save time by moving away from confusing medications caused by cabinets filled with bottles. Medomand delivers your medications directly to your doorstep.

When it comes to smooth medication processing and negligible paperwork, Medomand delivers. We associate with providers to make prescriptions seamless for you.

Are you low on your daily medications? Order your medicine online from Medomand and receive them in less than an hour!

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Bid Adieu to Your Health Care Stress with Medomand

We are here to help you. So, relax and put your feet up. Medomand is amongst the leading online pharmacy and medical care platforms. We help you order healthcare and pharmaceutical products online by tying you up with local pharmacies and get them to deliver your medication order to your doorstep. We are an online medical store, making your medication purchase simple, easy, and affordable.

How to Order on Medomand

With our easy-to-understand and easy-to-order system, ordering prescription medicines online was never that seamless. Our ordering system helps you to place the order with safety and ease. 

You need not wait for 2-3 days until you get the medication you ordered online. Medomand will bring your medicine to your doorstep in 30 to 60 minutes.

Follow the easy steps to order: 

Open You Medomand App on Phone or Login via Website

Download the Medomand app on your smartphone and sign up. Then, using the credentials, log in to the app. You can also log in via using a desktop or laptop.

Choose Your Medications & Add To Cart to Purchase

Browse Medomand from the comfort of your home using mobile. Select the medication you want to buy and them to your cart. When you are done, click on the checkout. 

Guide us to retrieve your prescription

We may ask for the information of your medical provider during the checkout process in case of drugs it is required. You can select to have us contact them for the prescription or provide you with the details. 

Select a Trusted Pharmacy near You

Then select the trusted medicine store near you on the Medomand app from where you want to purchase your medications. Then place your online order of medicines. Next, you need to provide information regarding your health conditions, along with your address and payment method.

Sit Back and Relax, Your Medicine Will Reach You in 30 To 60 Minutes

You will receive and order confirmation from the local pharmacy and be ready to receive home delivery of medicines in 30 minutes to 60 minutes. You will receive your medicine in less than an hour. Wish you good health & a speedy recovery! Sign Up for Free Now And Get The Care You Deserve!

24/7 Customer Service Available

Medomand offers 24-hour reliable customer service 365 days a year, totally free. You can contact us through a live chat, email, or phone. We are always eager to answer our customers’ questions and give immediate responses to them in no time. Also, if you need guidance with placing orders, changing orders, changing the pharmacy of your choice, or order delays, don’t hesitate to talk to our customer support service. We are happy to help! 

Trust us when we say your health is in good hands.
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Revolutionize the Pharmacy Industry with Medomand

Medomand- Bringing Local Pharmacies and Customers on One Online Platform

Easy-to-implement pharmacy solutions are giving personalized prescription guidance with authentic medications delivered straight to their homes. 

Medomand – Bringing Local Pharmacies and Customers on One Online Platform

Transforming pharmacies locally, Medomand delivers community-based innovative solutions to make healthcare more accessible and affordable. We are your trusted pharmaceutical online delivery service. We have 5000 Pharmacies working with us with more than 20,000 happy customers. 

Enjoy excellent service, friendly and courteous staff and flexible regulations without investing a single cent in your marketing. Partner with our pharmacy online delivery service from the beginning to secure a premium place on our platform and be the first to receive orders from Medomand in the future.

Attention: Limited spots only!

Why Should You List Your Pharmacy On Medomand?

Increase Your Turnover

As a Medomand registered pharmacy, you will observe an exceptional increase in your turnover. Already established online pharmacy giants are no longer your competition. We guarantee an extraordinary increase in your sales. Medomand has a strong digital marketing strategist working for them, so you need not worry about the advertising of your pharmacy. 

No Extra Work

You have to prepare the medication ordered by the customer to deliver them, and Medomand handles everything else for you. Patients need reliable access to their prescriptions more than ever. They need authentic medicines at their doorstep. We are helping them with that while encouraging local pharmacies to participate in this transformation, which helps increase their turnover. 

Zero Investment, Zero Risk

Moreover, the great thing about Medomand is that we offer a zero-risk proposition. You will get a lot of customers for free through our marketing strategy. You only have to pay us for the orders you get through Medomand. The best part is we don’t lock you into a contract, and you can cancel at any time you want, free of cost. 

Find New Customers

Register on Medomand to get new customers and a better online medicine ordering experience. Medomand is a revolution for local pharmacies and their customers. 

Increase Your Brand Awareness

With Medomand, people in your vicinity will get to know about your pharmacy. It will help increase the pharmacy brand’s visibility, and you have the opportunity to serve your customers better. In addition, we have expertise in online ordering and marketing. Medomand can help you with an appealing online presence while focusing on what you do best which is providing the best medication to the people. 

No Fear of Big Pharmacies

We are a chain of same-day medicine delivery services on a global level. Today, people prefer to shop for everything online. As such, they are also buying medication from online pharmacies. With Medomand, you never have to worry about giant online pharmacies. Enhance the patient experience with safe delivery from the pharmacy to the patient’s doorstep.

Have access to a nationwide home delivery network with built-in redundancies! Join Now!

How It Work For you as a Retail Pharmacy Owner?

You register yourself on Medomand, and once you are listed on our online pharmacy delivery platform, our registered customers can order medicines from your store. We aim to make the process as straightforward as possible for you. If you decide to sign up, you need to fill in all the information required, and we can quickly put you online. 

The customer in the range of your pharmacy store will place the order of the medication through Medomand. We will then send the order to your pharmacy (along with the prescription, if required). You will receive the order on your Medomand web account. Then, you have to package and deliver the medicine order placed by the customer from your pharmacy and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep.

How It Work For you as a Retail Pharmacy Owner?

Moreover, pharmacies can also keep track of their orders. You can see the time report of the orders in your Medomand account. We pay you weekly. We will make a direct deposit every Tuesday.  Besides, Medomand’s processing system is very easy to understand. As a pharmacy owner, you and your staff will get hold of it very easily and quickly. You can log in to your Medomand pharmacy account with the username and password. However, if you or your employees have any queries regarding the system’s working or any order, you have 24/7 access to our customer service line. 

Medomand- Your Pharmaceutical Online Delivery Partner

Medomand has worked with a lot of pharmacies that make small margins on every product. While partnering with us, pharmacies only have to pay for the orders that we send you. Our online pharmacy delivery service is all about bringing more business to you. Our company runs off the commission we receive per order. So, we must bring in a high volume of orders for the pharmacies in our network. Pharmacies can be set up at no upfront, no cancellation charges, or no hidden charges.

Partner with us to drive more customers and generate increased profits.

Contact us now !

Simplifying Healthcare with our Online Medical Store. Get in touch with us and start the journey to extra care, health, and happiness you deserve.

Medomand Location

Our location:

Medomand LLC
2055 Limestone RD, STE 200-C
Wilmington DE 19808

Newark 19702/ State: Delaware


    About Us - Medomand

    Every day we aim to shape a health care system that works for your health.

     We strive to:

    • Bring each aspect of health care together
    • Support you anywhere by offering affordable choices to meet your requirements
    • Reach out to you with same-day prescription medicine delivery 
    • Offer better options for your health care


    As an online pharmacy delivery service company, Medomand’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of those we serve by providing medicines to them anywhere on the same day from their local pharmacies in a simple, affordable, and predictable way.

    • We make it easy to get medications, letting you select when, how, and where you want them.
    • We strive to make health care more affordable by partnering with local pharmacies that provide cost-effective and quality medicines.
    Every day we aim to shape a health care system that works for your health.​

    Our Mission

    We are a team with years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We are one of the distinguished pharmacy services as we offer the highest quality, most effective, and the best of medications contributing to the speedy recovery of the patients. Medomand is a service provider company that specializes in digital distribution with a focus on the pharmaceutical industry. Our CEOs Kamran Arshad and Irfan Arshad, are dedicated and passionate about revolutionizing the digitization of the pharma industry.

    #1 Online Pharmacy Delivery Service

    • Convenient Pharmaceutical Online Delivery

    Medomand makes it quite easy to get the medication you need and wherever you need it. Select your medication (with prescription if required), and it will be delivered at your door, anywhere nationwide.

    • Contactless Medicine Home Delivery

    Buy medicines online at no extra cost, and we ensure to deliver your medication on time. Moreover, we ship in secure packaging to help ensure safety, privacy, and quality. Besides, we also have the provision of temperature-controlled packaging when necessary.

    • Safe Online Pharmacy Delivery

    Medomand assures you total safety. Our website is secured and protected. We safeguard our client’s privacy and ensure that every order gets covered as promised. Every time you finish the prescription, you might feel troubled to go out and get your medication. We offer you the same-day delivery of online medicine orders promptly. 

    • One-Stop Online Medical Store

    At Medomand, we provide a wide range of medicines listed under various categories. Besides, we also offer over-the-counter products such as diabetic care kits, surgical supplies, baby/mother care products, pain relievers, herbal products, supplements, vitamins, wellness products, and beauty care products. 

    Switch to Medomand for Same-Day Prescription Delivery

    Like Food is to Uber Eats, Medicine is to MEDOMAND

    Medomand, an online pharmacy service, offers both affordability and safe and easy access to the medication you need without the need to leave the house. Ordering from Medomand is a fairly straightforward process. You just need to have a smartphone or computer along with an internet connection. In addition, we offer reminders of auto-refills so that you have a constant supply of your essential medication. 

    Whether you have recurring or infrequent medication needs, Medoman offers you specialized packaging and coordination services that make your life easier. 

    Why Should You Prefer Our Online Pharmacy Services?

    Lucrative offers on our online medicine home delivery platform allow you to make online payments via various digital wallets at a discounted price. Besides, you can also pay with cash on delivery when we deliver the medicines at your doorstep. We cater to all your pharmacy needs and make ordering medications online a hassle-free experience for you. We partner with and connect you only with certified and registered retail local pharmacies. Medomand ensures that healthcare is affordable to all and makes the process of ordering medicine online seamless and fast. 

    Now, order medicines for your aged parents to their home while you are in another city! Medomand is here to help!

    Save the Date 1. September 2021

    Haben Sie Probleme beim Pendeln? Finden Sie es schwierig, einen Parkplatz zu bekommen? 

    Unsere Medomand-Plattform geht am 1. September 2021 online. 

    Medomand, ein Online-Apotheken-Lieferservice, bringt Ihre Medikamente zu Ihnen nach Hause. Wir holen sterben Medikamente in Ihrer ausgewählten Apotheke vor Ort (auch rezeptpflichtige) ab und liefern sie innerhalb von 30 bis 60 Minuten zu IHNEN nach Hause. 

    Möchten Sie die neuesten Updates erfahren? Folgen Sie unserem Instagram-Account @medicineondemandusa.

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions​

    Do you need some help?

    Check out frequently asked questions. If you didn’t find the answer to your doubts, you would contact us with your question to our team. 

    Is my private information safe?

    Yes, absolutely. Your private details are confidential and are always safe with us. Our website is protected with security software, and all your data is stored in an encrypted HIPAA-compliant environment.

    What is your working hours for same-day medicine delivery?

    We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can call anytime at our customer service, which is also available 24/7.

    Is it safe to use my credit/debit card at Medomand?

    Yes. Medomand uses third-party integration payment services to process all the transactions via credit and debit card. These third-party payment tools are PCI compliant, which is the strictest certification level, ensuring all your data is stored and processed securely using encryption technology.

    Are medicines provided by Medomand authentic?

    Yes. The medicines you purchase from our online pharmacy are of the highest quality and authentic. They are delivered to you by licensed local pharmacies. We have only certified and licensed pharmacies listed on Medomand.

    How is the medication order packaged in same-day delivery?

    Medomand takes the greatest care in packaging your order. It is untouched by human hands and delivers to you safely in good condition. Besides, we also have temperature-controlled packaging required for certain medications. 

    How long will it take to receive my same-day medicine delivery order?

    After your order has been placed and confirmed, it will reach your doorstep within 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

    Do I need a prescription?

    For generic and over-the-counter drugs, you may not need to provide the prescription. But for other medicines, a valid prescription is required to order your medication from Medomand.

    What is the cost of registering a pharmacy on Medomand?

     It’s free. You just have to enter the required information, and you are registered with Medomand. You can log in to your Medomand web account now and wait for orders to pour in. We only charge commissions on the pharmacy delivery orders you get through Medomand.

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    Medicines at Your Doorstep from Your Local Pharmacies In Just 30 to 60 Minutes.

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