Medicine on Demand - We integrate into the existing structure and workflow of your pharmacy to provide a seamless delivery solution.

How we´ll work?

Medomand acts as an online-platform for the local pharmacies and customers

Your trusted pharmaceutical courier service. Become a Medomand partner now! We are already working with over 5000 Pharmacies and more then 20000 Customers are happy with us! With us you enjoy excellent service, friendly specialist staff and are more flexible and customer-friendly without investing a cent in your marketing. Be there with your pharmacy right from the start to secure your premium place so that you will be the first to receive orders from Medomand in the future.
Attention: few spots available!

  • The customer in the range of your pharmacy orders the medication through Medomand.
  • Medomand will send the order to your pharmacy (with prescription, if needed).
  • you will deliver the medicine to the customer.
Pharmacy Deliver Service

As a result, the pharmacies increase their turnover immensely and the big online pharmacies are not longer a competition for the local pharmacies. We guarantee an immensely large increase in sales, because we operate worldwide with a very good social media marketing team.

As a pharmacy, you only have to do deliver the medication to the customer, Medomand handles everything else for you. Improve Your Patients’ Health. Patients need reliable access to their prescriptions more than ever.

Enhance the patient experience Safe delivery from the pharmacy to the patient’s doorstep Access to a nationwide courier network with built-in redundancies. Your pharmaceutical online delivery service | Medomand.

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Process of our cooperation


1. Contact us

Contact us! Write us your request now using the contact form and our specialist team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 


2. Arrange appointment

Make an appointment now to receive all the necessary details about our range of services. We would be happy to explain our services to you and how you can use them for your company.


3. The Cooperation can begin

The cooperation can begin! Now is the time to lean back and let your customers pamper your customers with our on-demand service, set yourself apart from your competition with Medomand.

Have we piqued your interest?

Our service promise !

Our Service Promise

Medomand will bring your medicine home in 30-60 minutes. Order from the fastest pharmacy in the world! At last you don’t have to wait 2-3 days until you get the medication you ordered online!


  • Open your Medomand app. Scan your prescription or choose a medication.


  • Select a trusted pharmacy near you and order your product.


  • Receive an order confirmation from the pharmacy and start recovering in 30 minutes from the medication you ordered. We wish you a speedy recovery and good health.
Local Pharmacy Delivery Support

In addition, we offer you 24-hour customer service 365 days a year completely free of charge. Be it our live chat or by phone. Because you can only fully recover if you are in good hands!

Our new Medomand platform goes online on August 1st, 2021! Do you want to get your medicine quickly and easily? Do you have problems walking or no car?

Medomand will deliver your medication to your next pharmacy and you will have your medication (including those requiring a prescription) delivered to your home within 30-60 minutes. Do you always want to know what’s up to date? Then follow our Instagram account @medicinondemand or take a look online on August 1st, 2021!

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    About us

    We are a team with many years of activity and experience in the pharma industry. Also, we are distinguished by the fact that we offer only the most effective, high quality and best medications that contribute to the fast recovery of the customer and also by our 24-hour very reliable customer service. We are always eager to answer the questions of our customer as soon as possible. Medomand is a company that specializes in digital distribution with a focus on the pharmaceutical industry.

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